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IIR Rankine Conference 2020.

Date: 2020.07.27 / 2020.07.31

Location: United Kingdom


The IIR Rankine 2020 International Conference – Advances in Cooling, Heating and Power Generation was an interactive online event that took place over 5 days.

We wanted to take advantage of this unique opportunity to mark the anniversary of Rankine’s birth and celebrate his work and legacy with an excellent selection of technical papers.  It is even more important in these times of limited face-to-face interaction that we continue to work, learn and celebrate together as a community, regardless of physical distances.

Delegates were able to attend many more sessions than usual and recordings are now available for viewing. We hope that this conference has been made more accessible to those who may not have been able to attend the previously planned event. 
Speakers explored research and developments in the closely related fields of power cycles, working fluids and RACHP applications. They gained insights into new opportunities to deliver efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.
Since William Rankine developed his power cycle 150 years ago, the world has changed enormously, both in terms of the technology available and the political landscape. Sustainability and environmental issues are now a major challenge and a driving force behind legislation.
At a time when demand for energy is increasing, while at the same time fossil fuels are being phased out, Rankine’s power generation cycles will only become more important. While William Rankine would acknowledge the underlying science that is currently in use, the application of his technology is very different. This conference explored the legacy of William Rankine, examining his ground-breaking research to see what modern engineering can learn from this great Victorian innovator. It looked to the future and offered a forum where the different disciplines of power generation, refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps can come together to discuss their common challenges and learn from each other about the different solutions that are being developed to address them.

The conference contains 76 papers.

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