Improvement of walling construction of cold stores when reconstructed.

[In Russian. / En russe.]

Author(s) : BABAKIN S. B.


To reduce weight losses during storage, it is necessary to create conditions under which heat radiation on products is minimal. The method of covering internal surfaces of external walling with flexible ray-reflecting material with low degree of blackness (up to 0.06 against 0.9 in ordinary walls and ice screen) was proposed as early as 1975. Now there are many new roll materials that are solid, but light and have unique performances. The paper deals with the presentation of new materials and their installation. The calculation of thermal resistance is presented.


  • Original title: [In Russian. / En russe.]
  • Record ID : 2007-1680
  • Languages: Russian
  • Source: Refrigeration industry in the 21st century + CD-ROM.
  • Publication date: 2004/12/06


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