Life cycle costs of air handling units.

Levensduurkosten van luchtbehandelingsunits.

Author(s) : HAPEREN K. van

Type of article: Article


This article discusses in short the factors forming the total costs of ownership (TCO) or life cycle costs (LCC) and their mutual relations. Further attention is paid to some matters concerning the larger parts of the life costs, especially the costs of energy. Firstly a general view is given and secondly practical calculations are presented to achieve optimal choices for an air conditioning unit of customary configuration and design as applied in the Netherlands.


  • Original title: Levensduurkosten van luchtbehandelingsunits.
  • Record ID : 2007-0786
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Subject: Environment, General information
  • Source: Koude & Luchtbehandeling - vol. 99 - n. 10
  • Publication date: 2006/10


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