Manual for refrigeration servicing technicians.

Prirucnik za servisne tehnicare rashladnih uredaja.

Author(s) : ONU Environnement (ex-PNUE), AGUIAR PEIXOTO R. de

Type of monograph: Book, Guide/Handbook


This manual was produced by UNEP DTIE, OzonAction Branch, as part of UNEP's work programme as an Implementing Agency of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol. Its primary objective is to provide the reader with appropriate background information to enable him/her to gain an adequate level of understanding related to the key topics addressed. Contents: environmental impact of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems; refrigerants: provides a broad overview of most of the issues associated with refrigerants; refrigerant management: covers a variety of important aspects related to the handling and management of refrigerants, avoiding emissions and wastage; servicing practices: covers methods and techniques that are used when working on systems, primarily during servicing exercises; retrofitting: addresses the approach and working procedures for changing refrigerants within an existing system; safety guidelines of refrigerants: including toxicity, oxygen displacement, flammability, degradation products, and high pressure to highlight the major hazards.


  • Original title: Prirucnik za servisne tehnicare rashladnih uredaja.
  • Record ID : 30009489
  • Languages: Serbian
  • Subject: Regulation, Environment
  • Publication: Unep (united nations environment programme), dtie (division of technology, industry and economics) - France/France
  • Publication date: 2010
  • ISBN: 9789280729115