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Methods of neon isotopes separation.



To solve a large spectrum of applied problems in atomic and nuclear physics considerable quantities of gas isotopes at purity of high level are needed. The "Iceblick" Ltd is a first-rate producer of gaseous and liquid neon in the world. That's why the development of complex isotope's programs is a natural step for the company that logically fits in a unified technological line of transformation of neon into valuable products from the rare component of air. At the first stage of the study the methods of neon enrichment with 20Ne isotope have been examined. For such purposes gas-dynamic and sorption ways of enrichment were used. Stage separators without a refrigerating machine on the base of vortex boxes D inferior or equal to 2 mm were investigated. Design developed allowed maintaining the operation of many-stage separators by means of only one compressor. Operation factors of chromatographic separation of neon in the gas medium were studied in details. The influence of the scale factor when operating on the bench with sorbent mass from 5 to 200 kg was shown. The rectification method was used to obtain products at any required proportion of isotopes. A laboratory-scale plant that produced 20Ne and 22Ne isotopes at 99.95% purity was made. As a cryogenic supply system a throttling neon cycle with nitrogen precooling was used. Refrigeration capacity of the plant at 28 K was about 50 W. An original scheme that gives the possibility to use refrigeration cycle compressors for cylinder's fulfillment by neon concentrates was offered.

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  • Original title: Methods of neon isotopes separation.
  • Record ID : 2007-2429
  • Languages: English
  • Source: ICR 2007. Refrigeration Creates the Future. Proceedings of the 22nd IIR International Congress of Refrigeration.
  • Publication date: 2007/08/21


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