Novel desiccant cooling system using indirect evaporative cooler.


An effective desiccant cooling system must efficiently reject adsorption and carryover heat from the process air-stream. Rotary heat exchangers are typically used to remove this heat in currently available desiccant equipment, but these devices can leak humid air from the regeneration side of the process into the dry process side, degrading performance. Using a different approach, high cooling capacities and COP have been achieved in a desiccant cooling system without a heat wheel or bulky stationary heat exchanger. Using a desiccant wheel in conjunction with a compact indirect evaporative cooler and a small air-to-air heat exchanger, a cooling system has been developed that eliminates the need for deep dehumidification by the desiccant wheel and at the same time provides 25 to 35% ventilation air to the conditioned space.


  • Original title: Novel desiccant cooling system using indirect evaporative cooler.
  • Record ID : 1998-1644
  • Languages: English
  • Source: ASHRAE Transactions.
  • Publication date: 1997
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