Performance analysis of novel plate absorbers.

Author(s) : NISHIMURA N., NOMURA T., IYOTA H., et al.


The performances of a novel plate type absorber have been investigated experimentally and have been compared with those of another high performance absorber. Two types of vertical plate absorbers were constructed. Experiments were conducted on them for absorption chiller. Temperatures of lithium bromide aqueous solution, cooling water and heat transfer surface were measured minutely. Refrigerating capacities were calculated from those measurement results. Moreover, effects of the surfactant (n-octanol) on performances of the vertical flat plate absorber have been investigated. Experimental results showed that performances of novel vertical plate absorbers are significantly high than that of conventional tube bundle type absorbers. It was confirmed that the refrigerating capacities and overall heat transfer coefficients takes comparable high values to another high performance tube bundle type absorbers.


  • Original title: Performance analysis of novel plate absorbers.
  • Record ID : 2006-2340
  • Languages: English
  • Source: Green breeze from Asia: frontiers of refrigerants, heat transfer and system.. ACRA-2002. Proceedings of the Asian conference on refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • Publication date: 2002/12/04


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