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Recent developments in cryocoolers.

Author(s) : RAVEX A.


Cryocoolers based either on ideal Stirling and Ericsson or on irreversible Joule Thomson expansion cycles have been developed and are currently used for commercial applications (cryopumping, infrared detectors cooling, cryostat thermal shielding). To extend their use to new applications (high transition temperature superconductor devices cooling, space-borne applications), technical improvements have recently been implemented which allow for higher reliability, larger cooling capacities and lower operating temperatures. An emerging technology, the pulse tube, has been widely developed and could replace existing coolers in the near future.

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  • Original title: Recent developments in cryocoolers.
  • Record ID : 2000-1136
  • Languages: English
  • Source: 20th International Congress of Refrigeration: Refrigeration into the Third Millennium.
  • Publication date: 1999/09/19


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