Reganosa LNG terminal, La Coruna, Spain.



In 2005, Spain was consuming 34 BCM of gas. From this yearly consumption, 65% of the NG in Spain was LNG. This figure will increase up to 70% within the next coming years. Consequently, Spain is the biggest European LNG Importer with 20 BCM, and the third at world scale (after Japan and Korea). Within this growing market, an LNG Terminal was introduced in 2000 in the Spanish energy plan, to provide LNG to the North-West of Spain, in order to provide gas to the area of Galicia. The Reganosa LNG terminal will contribute for 9% of the Spanish LNG import. Several locations have been investigated and decision was made to schedule the location at Mugardos, near the existing installations of Forestal. Contract was awarded to TGE Gas Engineering, in January 2003. The construction area was available, late 2003. This terminal will have a berth capacity for 145 000 m3 LNG carriers, initially 2x 150 000 m3 full containment LNG storage tanks, (with room for two more), and LNG vaporization utilizing heat from seawater, with a submerged combustion vaporizer as back up. Installed send-out capacity is 619 200 Nm3/h. The project, realized on a compact site of only 9 ha, will receive its first cargo in spring 2007. The plant will be operational in summer 2007.


  • Original title: Reganosa LNG terminal, La Coruna, Spain.
  • Record ID : 2008-1119
  • Languages: English
  • Source: LNG 15. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference and Exhibition of Liquefied Natural Gas.
  • Publication date: 2007/04/24


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