Saving with solar.

Author(s) : AUSTIN B., WILLIS S.

Type of article: Article


The cooling load for a building, and so the subsequent degree of atmospheric pollution, depends mainly on shape, window area, orientation and solar shading. These, and other factors, can be modelled and used to predict maximum loads, the annual energy consumption and so optimise the structure. The interaction of these various architectural features needs to be investigated at the initial stage of design. This analysis will also indicate appropriate methods of control of the services which may be needed. A.R.T.


  • Original title: Saving with solar.
  • Record ID : 1994-3081
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Environment
  • Source: J. chart. Inst. Build. Serv. - vol. 15 - n. 9
  • Publication date: 1993/09
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