Sustainable development: a factor that research consultants can not avoid.

Le développement durable : un facteur incontournable pour un bureau d'étude.

Author(s) : GEORGES B.


This book presents the 15 lectures given during this forum organized by the AFF and held in Paris (France). It gives a description of the sustainable development approach which is being set up. The forum is divided into 3 parts: Refrigeration as an actor in sustainable development? Striking a balance between environmental, economic and social concerns (contribution of the refrigeration sector to sustainable development; refrigeration, air conditioning and sustainable development: impacts; contribution of the refrigeration sector to the quality of life of fragile elderly persons during summer periods). Are manufacturers and installers concerned by sustainable development (refrigerated transport: strategies and perspectives; sustainable development and domestic refrigerators; sustainable development as an inescapable factor for a research department)? What are the challenges facing refrigeration users with regards to sustainable development (the Air Liquide and Casino group approach; sustainable development: development service and cost reduction; sustainable performance in cold storage)?


  • Original title: Le développement durable : un facteur incontournable pour un bureau d'étude.
  • Record ID : 2006-3234
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: Environment, General information
  • Source: Les entreprises du froid face au développement durable : quels enjeux ?
  • Publication date: 2004/10/12


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