Towards energetically efficient buildings.

Verso l'edificio energeticamente efficiente.

Author(s) : FARINA D.

Type of article: Article


UNI has recently published the standard UNI 10963 "Air-conditioners, water refrigerators and heat pumps. Determination of reduced power performance". This Italian standard is the first and so far the only standard on air-conditioning systems in the world to offer a solution to measure equipment efficiency not only in full power conditions - according to the regulations which were enforced a long time ago - but also with reduced heat loads. This makes it possible for building and installation designers to have the necessary data to assess energy consumption throughout the year.


  • Original title: Verso l'edificio energeticamente efficiente.
  • Record ID : 2003-0351
  • Languages: Italian
  • Subject: Regulation, Environment
  • Source: Cond. Aria - n. 1
  • Publication date: 2002/01
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.


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