Autonomous cooling system for food deliveries in the city centre

Coldway Technologies is developing an electric scooter coupled with a self-contained cool box for food delivery in the city centre.

Coldway Technologies developed a useful system in order to keep food cool during city centre deliveries. It combines an electric scooter with a cool box equipped with a self-contained, silent and environmentally friendly sorption system.

The scooter is mounted on three wheels and it has a pendulum movement: when the vehicle leans in a turn, the box remains straight and stable.

For now, the box is only suitable for chilled products/for conservation above 0°C, but a version adapted to frozen products is under development. Cold is produced by a chemical reaction between ammonia, salts, and graphite. The system uses three elements: a reactor containing salts and graphite, an evaporator containing liquid ammonia, and a communication valve between the two tanks. The system produces cold (or heat), then regenerates and stores energy. The circuit is totally hermetic and therefore secure.

The refrigerated box, called Coolcase, has a capacity of 96 liters and a range of 12 hours. The scooter has an autonomy of 50 kilometers. This type of solution is therefore particularly suitable for catering delivered at home.

For further information (in French), please follow the link below.