Cooling Keeps Food Fresh : Global Campaign Announced for World Refrigeration Day, June 26

Since 2019, June 26 celebrates the World Refrigeration Day. With increasing global stakes at hand over the past years, refrigeration took a leading role at the heart of international affairs. This annual event aims to raise public awareness about the importance of refrigeration technologies in everyday life.

On the occasion of World Refrigeration Day 26 June, 2022, the United Nations Environment Program OzonAction, Chefs4thePlanet and Global Food Cold Chain are partnering to launch the global “Cooling Keeps Food Fresh” campaign. This campaign aims to motivate the public to learn more about refrigeration’s essential role in protecting human health and the planet.




Refrigeration brings important and beneficial contributions to society. It supports nutritious diets that sustain our health, help reduce food loss and waste, and protect the environment.


Refrigeration is necessary for food safety

Refrigeration provided by refrigerators slows bacterial growth. When in favourable temperatures (between 4.4°C and 60°C or between 40°F and 140°F), bacteria grow rapidly to the point where some types of bacteria found in food can cause illness. However, refrigeration has the power to keep food safe, fresh and wholesome. In addition, freezing allows fruits and vegetables to be picked at maturity and preserves nutrients and flavour.


Environmental Protection

Refrigeration also meets environmental challenges. Indeed, it helps preserve the ozone layer, combat climate change and promote energy efficiency. More precisely, refrigeration serves as a bulwark against the emission of greenhouse gases from lost food (spoilage and waste). According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the contribution of food waste emissions to global warming is almost equivalent to global emissions from road transport. However, reducing food loss could feed a large part of undernourished populations and at the same time help protecting the climate. In addition, refrigeration technologies have the capacity to protect the ozone layer and combat climate change.


During this campaign, world-renowned chefs from Chefs4thePlanet and its co-founders, Anne Le More and Sébastien Ripari, will participate and describe the importance of refrigeration to the daily cooking and operation of their kitchen through video messages, recipes and tips to educate consumers.


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