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During MOP 27, held on 1-5 November 2015 in Dubai, significant progress was made concerning the phase-down of HFCs, inspiring confidence that a decision could be made at a later conference in 2016.

Didier Coulomb, Director General of the IIR, representig the only independant intergovernmental organisation in the refrigeration sector,  made a statement during the high-level segment of MOP 27.

This statement focused on the impact of the refrigeration sector on the environment; particularly in regards to refrigerants and the energy efficiency of refrigeration systems.

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HFCs are undeniably a current hot topic and will definitely be a subject that all refrigeration stakeholders will need to keep abreast of in the coming years.

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In line with current trends and in anticipation of future developments, the IIR has expanded its information services with a comprehensive tool that provides you with the latest on HFCs.

HFCs: What’s new?

HFCs are currently the most commonly used refrigerant in refrigeration and air-conditioning installations. However, due to their impact on global warming regulations have been implemented or are being prepared, in several regions and countries worldwide, in order to restrict use.

To help you follow regulatory developments related to HFCs and identify what steps to take, the IIR offers you:

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