Focus on the new refrigerant HCFO1224yd(z)

The Japanese chemicals manufacturer Asashi Glass Chemicals developed a new refrigerant as an alternative to R245fa.

At the beginning of 2016, the Japanese company Asashi Glass Chemicals (AGC) announced the development of a low GWP refrigerant, R1224yd(z). It was initially designed for use in centrifugal chillers, binary cycle generators, and waste heat recovery heat pumps.

R1224yd(z) is now presented by the firm under its commercial name: AMOLEA®. It is described as a non-flammable refrigerant, classified as a hydrochlorofluoroolefin (HCFO). Its physical properties are closed to those of the hydrofluorocarbon R245fa. Its Ozone Depleting Potential is 0.00012 and its Global Warming Potential is under 1.

According to the Cooling Post, AGC said it has obtained ASHRAE certification for this product.