Frozen food in the French click-and-collect sector

456 of the items in January 2014 were frozen foods, i.e. around 4.4% of the total offer.
Click-and-collect shopping, ordering online and then collecting the goods, is well underway in France with 740 collection points opened during 2013, making a total of 2,747.

The majority are major supermarket chains such as Intermarché leading with 736 collecting points; followed by Système U with 587; and Leclerc with 445.

Of the approximately 10,000 foodstuffs referenced, a strong inconsistency exists in the number of items found in stores. In January 2014, 456 items were frozen foods, about 4.4% of the total offer, and less than in actual shops.

This can be explained by the stores’ concern for storage space and cost issues, but also to consumer uncertainties regarding cold chain consistency. As Kantar WorldPanel points out, the penetration rate of frozen foodstuffs in click-and-collect shopping is only 13.6%, as 4 out of 10 consumers still haven’t taken the frozen food plunge.

Le Monde du Surgelé, March 2014