IIR member news: Johnson Controls YORK chiller optimised for R1233zd(E)

The YORK YZ magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller, produced by Johnson Controls, is said to be the first chiller fully optimized for ultimate performance with the low-global warming potential refrigerant R1233zd(E).

The IIR corporate member Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and multi-industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. The company creates intelligent buildings and efficient energy solutions, including in the refrigeration sector.

For instance, Johnson Controls produces equipment for heating, cooling, air handling and controls. The range of Johnson Controls' YORK chillers has recently been enriched with the YORK YZ cooler, a magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller. It is claimed to be the first chiller fully optimized for ultimate performance with a low GWP refrigerant, R1233zd(E).

R1233zd(E) is an hydrofluoroolefin (HFO). It has a low GWP of 1 and is classified as a non-flammable refrigerant (A1). It was chosen for its efficiency, safety, availability, low environmental impact and cost.

According to Johnson Controls, the YZ chiller can allow for significant energy savings and lower operating costs by taking advantage of the off-design conditions where chillers operate 99% of the time. It was tested for more than 75,000 hours.

The YZ operates with entering condenser water temperature as low as 4.5°C, providing enhanced performance in every operating condition and the widest operating envelope in the industry. The YORK YZ uses an optimized single stage design to provide industry-leading real-world energy efficiency. The chiller can also operate when the entering condenser water temperature is below the leaving chilled water temperature, eliminating the need for a water-side economizer, which simplifies the system, requires less mechanical room space and saves money on components, piping, controls and maintenance.

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