INDEE+ Seminar at REFCOLD 2022

The first INDEE+ seminar gathering all the project partners and key Indian stakeholders took place at REFCOLD 2022 in Ahmedabad (Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India).  

The 4th edition of South Asia’s largest exhibition and conference on Refrigeration and Cold Chain Industry Solutions REFCOLD 2022, was held from 8 to 10 December 2022 in Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). The conference was supported by the IIR. It was a hub for 8300 people from the refrigeration and cold chain communities to meet, share and explore the new industry achievements in the region. Interrupted by COVID in 2020-2021, this new edition was as important as the previous ones. The IIR was involved in a seminar on the cold chain organised with UNEP, and in a seminar presenting the state of the art of the INDEE+ project.


The trade fair was marked by the organisation of the first INDEE+ seminar gathering the project partners (NTNU, SINTEF OCEAN, NEA, IIR, CEEW, ECO REFTEC, IIR Madras, IISc Bangalore, BITS Pilani and CIFT) and various actors from the refrigeration and cold chain sectors (industry, policy makers, students…).


Indee+ parteners REFCOLD 2022
INDEE+ partners at REFCOLD 2022 



A two-day seminar was dedicated to the INDEE+ projects, during which the Team members reported the progress of the project for the different demonstration sites (hotel, supermarket and fish processing plant) as well as for the development of the educational units.


The seminar was also enriched by two panel discussions gathering technology experts and policy makers from Norway and India. Both seminar sessions and panel discussions were moderated by Dr. Yosr Allouche (head of projects at the IIR).

  • The first panel (day 1) was dedicated to an overview of current cooling technologies and policy initiatives for clean cooling in India. The potential for India to host innovative and climate-friendly cooling solutions such as those provided by INDEE+ was discussed.
  • The second panel (day 2) addressed the knowledge transfer aspect and the role played by INDEE+ in developing local skills by training technicians and operators to achieve self-reliance of the country in implementing, servicing and maintaining innovative and sustainable cooling technologies.

The importance of achieving gender equality in the sector was also highlighted by the IIR. Capacity building of smallholder farmers to assist them in the postharvest management of their produce was also discussed.   



INDEE+ seminar


INDEE+ seminar
INDEE+ seminar