Individual quick frozen vegetables global market

A projection of the IQF vegetables global market for the 2015-2025 period.
Individual Quick Frozen foods (IQF) are characterized by the fact that each individual piece of food is frozen separately from all the others, meaning that the products keep their own individual form, texture and taste.

The provider of market intelligence Future Market Insight is about to publish in June 2017 a report entitled IQF Fruits and Vegetables Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 20251, in which a few trends stand out:
  • According to the report, the global demand for IQF vegetables is expected to rise in the next decade: by the end of 2026, more than 25 thousand tonnes of IQF vegetables will be sold across the world, bringing revenues worth over $2,000 Mn, whereas it is presently estimated over $1,288.3 Mn.

  • However, some factors — such as the risk of consuming Listeria monocytogene bacteria through IQF vegetables — involve a moderate growth of the global IQF vegetable market in terms of volume and value (the value compound annual growth rate — CAGR — is evaluated at 4.5% and the volume CAGR is evaluated at just over 4%).

  • Potatoes, tomatoes and broccoli will remain in great demand. Peas may represent the fastest revenue growth at 5.8% CAGR.

  • The market will foresee a rise in demand in many developing countries such as India or Russia, since a large population in these countries can afford locally-produced IQG vegetables.
1The press release is available following this link.