LNG-fuelled coaches with over 1000 km autonomy

Spanish bus manufacturer, Irizar, has launched a line of LNG coaches, promising a range of more than 1000 kilometres, along with reduced CO2 emissions.

Spanish bus manufacturer, Irizar, has launched a line of liquified natural gas (LNG) coaches with an autonomy of more than 1000 kilometres, designed for intercity travel as well as short distance routes.


The vehicles have two cylindrical cryogenic tanks (-162 °C) placed longitudinally on both sides of the coach’s central baggage area, which is completely watertight and isolated from the passenger area. They have a gas capacity of 704 litres and weigh 830 kg when full.


The company claims that this technology will allow to reduce CO2 emissions by 25%, NOx emissions by 85% and particle pollution by 96%. Operating costs could be up to 30% lower depending on the cost differential between natural gas and diesel. Maintenance costs should be similar to those of a conventional diesel vehicle.





Image source : https://www.greencarcongress.com/2021/09/20210919-irizar.html