Member news: Efficient Energy has been rewarded for its remarkable growth over the last 4 years

Energy Efficient, an IIR corporate member, ranked third in the latest Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Germany. This ranking rewards companies based on the percentage increase in their revenue over the last four financial years. 

The German company Efficient Energy uses water as a refrigerant in its chillers. Water (R718) has the advantage of being widely available, non-toxic and non-flammable. 


Water can only be used to produce cold at a temperature above 0°C, since it freezes from 0°C. Another inconvenient is its low vapour density (9.4 g / m3) and high boiling point (100°C), which means that part of the refrigeration circuit operates at pressures below atmospheric pressure (101,325 Pa).  


However, its zero GWP and non-hazardous nature make it an interesting refrigerant. 


Energy Efficient has developed the Bluezero technology which saves up to 80% on energy costs depending on the application, and generates no CO2 emissions.  


The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ranking rewards companies based on their percentage increase in revenue over the last four fiscal years. Energy Efficient came third in this ranking in Germany, with revenue growth of 2,044.36% over the last four years.  


Energy Efficient sells its products mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 


Energy Efficient has been an IIR member for 3 years.