Member news: Star Refrigeration continues to develop Azanefreezer’s production for cold stores

Azanefreezer, an ammonia system, has just been installed in a cold store near Peterborough, UK.

Lineage Logistics, which specializes in warehousing and logistics, recently engaged Star Refrigeration to complete the refrigeration plant for a 75,000m3 warehouse in Great Haddon, near Peterborough, UK.

Star Refrigeration's technical branch, Star Techical Solutions (STS) has defined the specifications for this warehouse: it required a system with a refrigerating capacity of 600 kW designed to achieve a storage temperature of -24 °C .

STS has also recommended a minimum area of ??4,800 m² for the condenser to achieve optimal condensing pressures throughout the year. The power absorbed by the evaporator should be limited to 35 kW and that of the condensor should be equal to or lower than 30 kW to maximize efficiency and reduce power consumption.

Star Refrigeration supplied two "Azanefreezer" refrigeration units. Independent of each other, they work with ammonia. To meet STS's technical specifications, Star modified its existing AF300 unit by retaining the existing low-pressure receiver and the compressors, but upgrading the unit’s condenser to a larger size (5,618m2 instead of the 4,800m2 specified). This allowed to achieve a higher efficiency than that required by the tender, thus reducing running costs.

With this system, Star estimates that Lineage should reduce its CO2 emissions by 453 tons per year, compared to the guidelines required by the United Kingdom.

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