Refrigerated cheese vending machines in French cities

A local cheese dairy has installed refrigerated cheese vending machines in several towns in East Moselle, in the east of France.

A company in Moselle, in the east of France, “La Grange à Fromage”, recently installed three refrigerated vending machines in two cities in the region (Saint-Avold and Forbach). The company plans to set up three more in the cities of Hombourg-Haut, Merlebach and Morhange.

Each of these vending machines includes 35 refrigerated lockers, which keep the products at a temperature of 4°C. The manager ensures that all sanitary precautions have been taken. In addition, a locker is automatically sealed when the “use-by” date of the product is exceeded.

Available 24/7, the dispensers offer cold cuts, butter, “crème fraiche”, yoghurt and cheeses from local distribution networks, French small producers, refiners, wholesalers and members of farm cooperatives. The payment of the selected products is made by credit card. Consumers can also place orders by phone at the Saint-Avold store and have their products delivered to one of the lockers. They can retrieve their order using a code.


(Photo RL /Josette BRIOT) [1]