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  • Refrigerated cheese vending machines in French cities

    A local cheese dairy has installed refrigerated cheese vending machines in several towns in East Moselle, in the east of France.

    • Publication date : 2021/02/19
    • Subjects: General information
  • Out of ordinary: Biodegradable zippers

    Zip-Pak presented a new range of biodegradable zippers at the Anuga Food Tec Exhibition in Cologne in April 2006. Manufacturers can now specify zip-closed degradable packaging that is ideal for produce, nuts, breads and cheeses. The zippers are...

    • Publication date : 2006/07/26
  • Out of the ordinary: tasting robot

    A state-of-the-art tasting robot may transform quality and safety checks. Papero, a 60-com robot developed by NEC, is fitted with infrared spectroscopic technology and a processor and software. It can identify foods, list their ingredients and...

    • Publication date : 2006/11/15
  • Nanotechnoly: what’s new?

    Nanotechnology - the manipulation of cell and atomic structure in materials no larger than a billionth of a metre in size - has recently been described by Frank O'Brien-Bernini, Vice President of Owens Corning Science & Technology Center, as...

    • Publication date : 2006/07/26
  • Trends and Figures: European dairy products

    Recent figures show that Europe, with a 42% share in the worldwide market, is the largest market for dairy products. The cheese market accounted for 50% of European sales in 2007. The global market for dairy products is expected to reach USD 305...

    • Publication date : 2008/08/12
  • Invasion of a Body Snatcher

    New research by French scientists has revealed how Listeria monocytogenes can activate the cellular transport machinery that transports viruses and small molecules and proteins and use it to invade cells and hide from the body's immune system....

    • Publication date : 2005/11/23
  • Reducing food waste through improved use of home freezers

    UK consumers currently throw away at least 800 000 tonnes (worth GBP 2 billion) of food each year, due to it ‘not being used in time’, much of which could have been frozen to eat at a later date. Reasons why foods are thrown away rather than...

    • Publication date : 2013/04/11
  • US: Refrigerated warehouses capacity in 2013

    Gross refrigerated storage capacity in the United States totalled 4.06 billion cubic feet (115 million m3) in October 2013, an increase of 2% since the previous survey was conducted two years ago.

    • Publication date : 2014/12/22
    • Subjects: Figures, economy
  • American love for ice cream

    A recent Yahoo Food survey found that ice cream is 41% of American’s favorite dessert.

    • Publication date : 2015/09/21
  • Food cold chain: improving temperature control to reduce loss

    Recent review articles provide an update on technologies to monitor temperature in the food cold chain, in order to avoid food loss during transport and...

    • Publication date : 2022/04/29
    • Subjects: Figures, economy, Technology
  • Out of ordinary: Oldest Ice Skates?

    The oldest pair of skates known date from about 3000 BC and were found at the bottom of a lake in Switzerland. They were made from the leg bones of large animals, holes were bored at each end of the bone and leather straps were used to tie the...

    • Publication date : 2006/07/26
  • Additive manufacturing of heat exchangers

    In the refrigeration industry, additive manufacturing (colloquially referred to as “3D printing”) makes it possible to fabricate novel, complex and potentially more energy efficient...

    • Last update : 2022/09/07
    • Langues : English, French
    • Themes : Evaporators, condensers and other heat exchangers
  • Liquefied Natural Gas: production process and cold energy recovery

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas that has been cooled to about -160 °C and turned into a liquid to facilitate transportation and storage. A typical LNG supply chain...

    • Last update : 2023/06/23
    • Langues : English, French
    • Themes : LNG and LPG