Smart refrigerated display cabinet collects real-time data.

The "Fresh-Cut" refrigerated display cabinet is a "smart" piece of equipment that records and transmits real-time data on the condition of goods on-shelf.

Each year, the EHI Retail Institute awards the best innovative IT solutions in retail with its Reta Award. One of the 2021 winners in the "Best AI and Robotics" category was the "Fresh-Cut" smart display cabinet from the SanLucar fruit and vegetable company, in collaboration with the digital company Barcotec.


The display cabinet records real-time data about the condition of the goods in the grocery store, which reduces food waste. Scanners based on micro-chip technology allow the quantity and expiration dates of products to be recorded and monitored without human intervention. Data is then transmitted to SanLucar's headquarters in Vienna, Austria.


With this real-time and on-demand data, tailored planning of the range of products for sale becomes possible. Indeed, "Fresh-Cut" registers every time something is taken out and every time something is put back in the display cabinet. It is therefore possible to examine which products appeal to consumers and during which time of the year. The “Fresh-Cut” technology also reveals in which regions certain products are in demand.