The new trends in the European ice-cream market

Demand for non-dairy or "healthier" ice cream is booming in European countries.

Demand for non-dairy ice cream is booming in European countries. A new Mintel study found 78% of Polish, 69% of Italian, 68% of Spanish and 63% of German and French consumers are interested in non-dairy alternatives, such as ice cream made with almond or coconut milk. At the same time, the demand for healthier, more natural food has extended into the ice cream sector.

According to Vijay Sirathi, a food and beverage research analyst at Technavio, a growing consciousness of health has led to a change in consumer demands and manufacture offerings in ice cream, including smaller portion sizes, lower levels of fat and a desire for functional use and natural ingredients.

For example, newer ice cream products have already attempted to meet consumer needs like vegetable flavored ice creams in Japan, range of ice creams made with organic stevia, non-dairy ice-cream…