L'effet de la fraction solide sur la vitesse de lyophilisation des fruits et légumes.

The effect of solid fraction on freeze-drying rate of fruits and vegetables.



These proceedings contain 65 papers presented at this conference, held in Bangkok, Thailand. The goal of this conference was to provide a forum for presentation and a discussion of the current and new developments in drying technology. Extract from the table of contents: keynote lectures (role of innovation in drying technologies of the future; freeze-drying for preparation of carbon cryogel microspheres as adsorbents for energy-efficient gas separation; optimising solar drying to freeze-drying: which path to choose? drying and food quality; fluidised bed grain drying; novel fluidized bed drying technology; fundamentals of timber drying); driers and drying equipment; drying of food materials (drying characteristics of green mango fruits; drying and powdering of carrots; the effect of solid fraction on freeze-drying rate of fruits and vegetables; influence of temperature and air velocity on drying time and quality parameters of pistachio; modelling coffee drying using product time-temperature history; solar drying of banana); drying theory and kinetics (prediction of drying rates using artificial neural networks; drying kinetics and quality of shrimp undergoing two-stage superheated steam and heat pump drying; chemical heat pump drying in the heat storing step; moisture sorption isotherms of maize from N. E. China at sub-zero temperatures; control of microwave vacuum drier by means of fuzzy logic); drying of non-food materials (salinity effect on freeze-thaw conditioning of activated sludge with and without chemical addition; the effects of temperature and velocity on drying rate in superheated steam drying of EFB fibres); miscellaneous topics (effect of far-infrared radiation and tempering on subsequent drying of paddy by fluidization technique). The paper proceedings contain a CD-ROM which includes abstracts, index and full papers in pdf format.


  • Titre original : The effect of solid fraction on freeze-drying rate of fruits and vegetables.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2007-0408
  • Langues : Anglais
  • Source : ADC 2003. Exploring new frontiers in drying technology through innovation in processes and equipment, product quality enhancement, energy-efficient and environment-friendly operations. Proceedings of the 3rd Asia-Pacific Drying Conference + CD-ROM.
  • Date d'édition : 01/09/2003


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