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  • Assessing indoor air quality: Air cleaners

    The quality of indoor air and how to assess it are increasingly raising concern, whether this is related to the efficiency of air-conditioning systems or of air cleaners. Air-cleaner market is doing fine. According to the Environmental Protection...

    • Date de publication : 12/02/2008
  • Assessing indoor air quality: Air conditioning

    The quality of indoor air and how to assess it are increasingly raising concern, whether this is related to the efficiency of air-conditioning systems or of air cleaners. Air conditioning against high CO2 levels. According to a recent KPMG study...

    • Date de publication : 12/02/2008
  • Air conditioning

    - Domestic and export sales of Chinese air conditioners set new records in the 2004 refrigeration year (September 2003-August 2004). Sales on the domestic market reached 26 million units and exports reached 25 million units. Export sales were up...

    • Date de publication : 19/07/2005
  • Solar Air conditioning

    With high summer temperatures, air-conditioning and thermal comfort are increasingly important issues, but raise the challenges of high energy consumption and of environmental consequences. Three recent projects use solar energy to operate...

    • Date de publication : 05/08/2007
  • Markets: Air Conditioning

    - World market trendIn 2000 the world air conditioner market stood at about 41 million units, reaching 58 million units in 2004, and with predictions for 2005 at 60 million. In China, the world market leader, the 2005 market figure...

    • Date de publication : 05/05/2006
  • Automobile air conditioning

    Toyota has developed a super lightweight external variable displacement compressor for automobile air conditioning, which helps conserve energy and resources and reduces CO 2 emissions. Conventionally, fixed displacement compressors were installed...

    • Date de publication : 11/02/2005
  • Échangeur de chaleur terre-air pour le conditionnement d’air dans le climat tropical colombien

    Dans une étude théorique récente, un système de refroidissement passif utilisant un échangeur de chaleur terre-air (EAHE) a été modélisé pour le climat tropical colombien.

    • Date de publication : 02/08/2021
    • Sujets : Technologie, Pays en développement
  • Briefs: Electronic air conditioning

    David Sattler, from Sattler Consulting, a Melbourne-based firm (Australia) was awarded an AUD 80000 federal government grant to further his work on a new type of air conditioner, allowing for large cooling effects (and a heating potential) with...

    • Date de publication : 11/02/2011
  • Figures: China: Air conditioning

    According to recent figures issued by the China Commodity Marketplace, China produces 70% of air conditioners worldwide. Production reached 63 million units between August 1, 2006 and July 31, 2007. The main cause of such high figures is the rapid...

    • Date de publication : 12/02/2008
  • Solar absorption air conditioning

    When do you need air conditioning? When it is hot and sunny. This is why Broad Air Conditioning, China, one of the world's largest manufacturers of direct-fired absorption chillers, has been focusing on solar absorption air-conditioning systems...

    • Date de publication : 15/11/2006
  • Trends: air conditioning: US

    According to the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI), there was a sharp rise of 73% in US factory shipments of central air-conditioners and air-source heat pumps, totalling 7 387 173 units shipped between October 2004 and the same...

    • Date de publication : 28/01/2006
  • Trends: air conditioning: India

    The Indian air-conditioning industry shows a healthy growth rate of 25-30% for 2005 according to data collected by the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Manufacturer's Association (RAMA). Worth approximately EUR 1 billion, excluding the consumer...

    • Date de publication : 28/01/2006
  • Mobile air conditioning: VDA

    VDA officially opts for CO2 mobile air conditioning The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) recently confirmed that the German car industry has chosen the natural refrigerant CO2 (R-744) for future mobile air conditioning. VDA...

    • Date de publication : 20/11/2007
  • H2 update: Air Liquide

    The European Commission is providing€ 67.6 million in funding for Air Liquide's Horizon Hydrogen Energy (H2E) Innovation Program. The 7-year overall programme aims at building sustainable and competitive hydrogen-energy solutions and will require...

    • Date de publication : 25/02/2009
  • Trends: air conditioning: China

    According to a report by the Market Economy Research Institute of the State Council Development and Research Centre, China may be facing the risk of stockpiling almost 30 million air-conditioning units next year. The total output of air...

    • Date de publication : 28/01/2006