Alternatives to the use of compression refrigeration in office buildings. 2.

[In German. / En allemand.]

Author(s) : BEHNE M.

Type of article: Article


Presents the results of applying sorption based air conditioning (desiccant cooling) in office buildings. Describes the operating principles of desiccant cooling and the application of a simulation model. Treats desiccant regeneration by gas or exhaust air. States that offices which require supply air dehumidification for thermal comfort can save primary energy with desiccant and evaporative cooling. The dehumidification and cooling of the supply air are carried out separately.


  • Original title: [In German. / En allemand.]
  • Record ID : 1998-3812
  • Languages: German
  • Subject: Environment
  • Source: Heiz. Lüft. Haustech. - vol. 48 - n. 8
  • Publication date: 1997/08


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