Clearance control of a scroll compressor for CO2 refrigerant.

Author(s) : YOSHIDA H., SAKUDA A., FUTAGAMI Y., et al.


This study presents a higher compression efficiency scroll compressor for CO2 heat pump water heaters, focusing on reduction of leakage loss. Gas leakage through radial and axial clearances is caused by two predominant factors; "uneven thermal expansion on scroll members due to temperature difference between suction and discharge" and "difference of thermal expansion coefficient between fixed and orbiting scroll." First, the authors measured the temperature distributions on fixed and orbiting scrolls in operation, second, designed several new scroll profiles to reduce leakage loss in consideration of the uneven thermal expansion, and achieved a higher efficiency CO2 scroll compressor.

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  • Original title: Clearance control of a scroll compressor for CO2 refrigerant.
  • Record ID : 2008-2482
  • Languages: English
  • Source: 2008 Purdue Conferences. 19th International Compressor Engineering Conference at Purdue & 12th International Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Conference at Purdue [CD-ROM].
  • Publication date: 2008/07/14


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