Cold technologies applied to the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables: influence on alterations and quality.

[In Italian. / En italien.]

Author(s) : TONINI G.

Type of article: Article


Keeping quality of fruit and vegetables depends on the correct application of the "cold chain" and on controlled or modified atmosphere during transport and retail marketing. The main phases involved, such as ripeness at harvest, pre-and post-harvest treatments, delivery to storehouses, precooling, storage, transport and retail shopping are reviewed and discussed from the point of view of the influence of each factor on fruit and vegetable alterations. The best techniques for giving a high-quality product to the consumer are suggested. A.P.


  • Original title: [In Italian. / En italien.]
  • Record ID : 1993-1432
  • Languages: Italian
  • Source: Riv. Fruttic. - n. 5
  • Publication date: 1991
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