Current and future compressors.

Le compresseur aujourd'hui et à l'avenir.

Author(s) : JOSEPHSSON H.


The screw compressor is well known for its robustness, flexibility of use and the scope for flow variation. Measures have improved the properties at part load (mechanical regulation of volume ratio, mobility of the economizer nozzle and regulation by speed variation). The economizer screw compressor is only worth using with ammonia at low temperature if the condensation temperature is low enough. Efficiency has been improved by seeking the optimal ratio between rotor diameter and length, the reduction of machining tolerance and new rotor profiles. Modifications to the machines have reduced noise level. Finally, the inferiority of low power screw compressors has been refuted for several reasons, which are explained in the paper. The screw compressor is likely to be more widely used.


  • Original title: Le compresseur aujourd'hui et à l'avenir.
  • Record ID : 1997-0218
  • Languages: French
  • Publication date: 1995/11/08
  • Source: Source: Interclima, Journ. eur. Froid, Villepinte
    16 p.; 7 fig.; 2 phot.; 2 tabl.
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