Defrosting of supermarket display cabinets.

Ontdooien van supermarktmeubelen.

Author(s) : WEZEL E. B. J. van

Type of article: Article


In a field test with three identical glass door cabinets, which are similar in heat load and humidity load, a defrost on demand (DOD) system was tested. At two glass door cabinets the DOD function was switched off. This resulted in an increase of the defrost capacity up to 141% compared with the cabinet which was still working under DOD. Switching off the DOD function also results in a 6% higher refrigeration load. On the basis of these results the importance of the DOD function at freezing plants and electrical defrost systems is hereby pointed out.


  • Original title: Ontdooien van supermarktmeubelen.
  • Record ID : 2001-1380
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Source: Koude & Luchtbehandeling - vol. 93 - n. 6
  • Publication date: 2000/06
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.


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