Effect of variable flow on centrifugal chiller performance.

Author(s) : REDDEN G. H.


This research was conducted to determine the effect of varying chilled and condenser water flows on centrifugal chiller efficiency. Three methods were used: 1) theoretical heat transfer equations were examined to assess the effect of variable flow on vessel heat transfer; 2) extensive packaged chiller computer modeling was done to examine a variety of flow and load conditions; and 3) a chiller was run on an ARI-certified test stand under varying conditions to record data, correlate results with the computer studies, and determine if any unstable operating or control situations would occur. Results are given for internally rifled tubes. They may differ for smooth bare tubes.


  • Original title: Effect of variable flow on centrifugal chiller performance.
  • Record ID : 1997-2075
  • Languages: English
  • Source: ASHRAE Transactions.
  • Publication date: 1996/06/23
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.


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