Experimental research on the R134a/CO2 cascade refrigeration system.

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Author(s) : SHEN J., HU B., QIU J., et al.

Type of article: Article


A test rig of the R134a/CO2 cascade supermarket refrigeration system has been built up to get a comprehensive understanding of its performance. The results show that the maximum COP of the system occurred when the condensing temperature of the CO2 cycle was about -2°C, the condensing temperature of R134a and the evaporating temperature of CO2 was settled at 48°C and -30°C respectively with a temperature difference of 3°C. Moreover, the COP remained stable while the condensing temperature varied within a certain range of ±5°C. Results also show that the maximum deviation of the compressor adiabatic efficiency is within 4%, the main factor affecting the system cooling capacity is the compressor volumetric efficiency. And the performance of the cascade system could be 3% higher compared with that of conventional R404a refrigeration system at the same condition.

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