Household refrigeration and "refrigerator pathology".

L'usage domestique du froid ou la "pathologie du réfrigérateur".

Author(s) : ROSSET P., ROSSET R.

Type of article: Article


Prolonged preservation of food products at temperatures below 8 °C is a modern practice that is unquestionable. It corresponds to the notion of a "cold chain" composed of links starting with production and ending with consumption. The earliest links are generally risk-free; however, the last, i.e. that of domestic consumption, tends to be the weakest. Whilst strict regulations can be enforced up to the distribution stage, constraints can not be imposed on consumers. Consumers, neglecting all basic rules, can through ignorance transform a safe product into a dangerous source of food poisoning or pathogenic infection. It is important to remember that refrigeration dose not kill microbes and can even allow the multiplication of certain species (Staphylococcis, Listeria, psychrotrophic organisms, etc.). Causes of risks are discussed and answers designed to ensure consumer safety are proposed.


  • Original title: L'usage domestique du froid ou la "pathologie du réfrigérateur".
  • Record ID : 2000-2555
  • Languages: French
  • Source: Rev. gén. Froid/Lett. sci. Inst. fr. Nutr. - n. 1000
  • Publication date: 2000/01
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