Immunological responses in WKA rats following cryosurgery of 3-methylcholanthrene induced fibrosarcoma (KMT-17) and review of cryo-immunology.

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The authors studied immunological responses following cryosurgery using 3-methylcholanthrene induced fibrosarcoma KMT-17 and reported the modulation of anti-tumour immunity after cryosurgery. In this paper, the authors desrcribed the summary of their results and discussed the cryo-immunology against the malignant tumour. When tumour bearing rats were traited by cryosurgery, pulmonary metastasis was enhanced by cryosurgery and both immuno-suppression in the early phase and enhanced transplantation resistance to KMT-17 tumour cells in the late phase following cryosurgery were observed. This enhancement of pulmonary metastasis was markedly reduced by surgical removal of cryo-necrotized tumour tissues, while implantation of cryo-necrotized tumour tissues into the rats treated with surgical excision developed pulmonary metastasis. Anti-tumour activity of spleen cells obtained from rats treated with cryosurgery was reduced as compared with that of rats treated with surgical excision, though this phenomenon completely disappeared by anti-T treatment of spleen cells. These results strongly suggest that immuno-suppression following cryosurgery is caused by suppressor T cells.


  • Original title: [In Japanese. / En japonais.]
  • Record ID : 2004-2518
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Source: Low Temperature Medicine - vol. 28 - n. 1
  • Publication date: 2002/03
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