Refrigerants and insurances: risks, responsibilities and guarantees.

Fluides frigorigènes et assurances : risques, responsabilités et garanties.

Author(s) : BARON A.

Type of article: Article


The implementation, servicing, refilling (in installations or equipment) and recovery of refrigerants may cause different kinds of accidents likely to provoke physical injuries, to harm the environment and/or to generate material damage, particularly in refrigeration installations. The type of risk depends on the types of refrigerants. So, the range of possible risks is wide. Regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. In the case of an accident, corporate civil liability and also personal civil and/or criminal managerial responsibility can be incurred. The author presents an overview of the most commonly encountered situations linked to refrigerant use and the latest environmental regulatory trends. He presents the specific insurance responses that he has created as an insurer specialized in the refrigeration sector. He can offer them to refrigeration practitioners and companies using refrigeration installations.


  • Original title: Fluides frigorigènes et assurances : risques, responsabilités et garanties.
  • Record ID : 30011904
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: General information
  • Source: Revue générale du Froid & du Conditionnement d'air - vol. 103 - n. 1144
  • Publication date: 2014/06


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