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Research-industrial plant for production of high purity neon.


At present neon consumption rises rapidly, especially in electronic and aerospace industries. The complex of equipment for neon-helium mixture production and a plant for high purity neon production was created by a group of engineers from the research departments of "Iceblick" and Baumann MSTU. The plant has been operating for six years and is based on Russian and Ukrainian crude sources. The productive capacity of the plant is 33 m3/h of neon. The production neon purity exceeds 99.999 vol.%, helium concentration is less than 10 ppm, total other impurities (water, oxygen, nitrogen) concentration is less than 3 ppm. It is possible also to produce very pure neon with helium contents less than 3ppm for plasma display panels manufacturing.

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  • Original title: Research-industrial plant for production of high purity neon.
  • Record ID : 2000-1155
  • Languages: English
  • Source: 20th International Congress of Refrigeration: Refrigeration into the Third Millennium.
  • Publication date: 1999/09/19


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