Simulation of LiBr-H2O heat pump cycle using diverse approximation formulas.

Symulacja pracy pompy ciepla LiBr-H2O dla roznych zaleznosci aproksymacyjnych.

Author(s) : BRAK G., CYKLIS P.

Type of article: Article


Up to date simulation of the heat pump cycle using charts for the equilibrium state of the LiBr-H2O mixture is very inefficient and time consuming. The paper compares modem formulae and uses them for simulation of the absorption LiBr-H2O heat pump. The properties of the LiBr-H2O solution, including enthalpy, concentration, pressure and solution temperature are calculated from the empirical equations. The equations for mass balance, heat balance and COP are then derived. All results are presented in a chart and compared with the results obtained using the classical chart method. The results show justification of the use of mathematical equations for the calculation of the thermodynamic heat-pump model instead of the chart method. The COP calculated with the help of the formulae presented in the paper agree well with that obtained using the equilibrium chart.

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  • Original title: Symulacja pracy pompy ciepla LiBr-H2O dla roznych zaleznosci aproksymacyjnych.
  • Record ID : 2005-1225
  • Languages: Polish
  • Source: Technika Chlodnicza i Klimatyzacyjna - vol. 11 - n. 3
  • Publication date: 2004/03


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