Solar cooling with water-ammonia absorption chillers and concentrating solar collector – operational experience.

Number: pap. n. 87

Author(s) : WEBER C., MEHLING F., HEINRICH A., et al.


Systems for solar air-conditioning vary in their wide range for applications as different system sizes and designs enable diverse uses. In the EC co-funded project “SOLERA”, the objectives were to develop highly integrated solar heating and cooling systems in the medium capacity range. The presented solar cooling installation in Freiburg / Germany is one of three systems that were installed, monitored and evaluated in the course of the project. Focus was set on novel component matching, system integration and a diverse range of operating strategies for investigating and evaluating the technical feasibility, reliability and cost effectiveness of this plant. The main components are a linear-concentrating Fresnel collector which provides the driving heat for two water-ammonia absorption chillers that produce cooling temperatures between -12°C and 0°C. The chillers are operated with driving temperatures between 140°C - 200°C. For cold storage, a set of ice storages was installed. The performance of different operation strategies was analysed and evaluated. The results give valuable information on application potential with focus on industrial processes. Special attention is given to the overall results and optimisation potential for system design and efficient operation and control strategies. The system showed a sound operating behaviour. Cascaded operation of the two chillers proved to be feasible for warm-up and cool-down phases, charging of the ice storages worked well. The main components worked reliably, but system performance is envisioned to be improved with automated operation which has been observed in recent experiments with partly optimized operation.

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  • Original title: Solar cooling with water-ammonia absorption chillers and concentrating solar collector – operational experience.
  • Record ID : 30005754
  • Languages: English
  • Source: EuroSun 2012: solar energy for a brighter future. ISES-Europe solar conference. Conference proceedings: Rijeka, Croatia, 18-20 September 2012.
  • Publication date: 2012/09/18


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