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Sources of errors for indoor air CFD simulations. 1

Author(s) : GUNGOR K.

Type of article: Article


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has emerged as a viable design tool in the industry over the past decade. CFD is a powerful technique for estimating air motions within buildings; however, the accuracy of CFD simulations strongly depends on the appropriate setting of boundary conditions and numerical simulation parameters. Thermal comfort and indoor air quality simulations are the most common CFD applications within the construction industry. Lack of any common guideline/protocol causes diverse settings for the CFD simulations. This also causes difference in simulation outcomes for indoor air CFD simulations. This study summarises the factors affecting the indoor air flow simulation and demonstrates the effect of using simple settings upon the results.

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  • Original title: Sources of errors for indoor air CFD simulations. 1
  • Record ID : 30017447
  • Languages: English
  • Source: EcoLibrium - vol. 14 - n. 8
  • Publication date: 2015/09


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