Structural analysis of heat pump scroll compressor for electric automobile air-conditioning.

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Author(s) : TANG J., ZUO C.

Type of article: Article


The pressure ratio of compressor operating in winter is much greater than that in summer, which makes the heating by electric
vehicle air conditioning system in winter a problem. In order to solve it, the coefficient of heating performance was taken as the thermodynamic optimization objective function of scroll compressor. The optimal middle pressure of refrigerant injection in the scroll compressor orifice was determined accordingly. The geometric position and shape of refrigerant injection orifice have been built, which makes the system working in a quasi two-stage compression. Based on the method of air enthalpy difference, the heating and refrigerating performance of heat pump type scroll compressor which was installed on the electric vehicle air conditioning system, had been conducted in refrigeration laboratory. After optimizing the structure of static scroll plate, the experimental results show that the capability of heating and cooling for the heat pump type electric scroll compressor could be met the comfort requirements of 5 seat electric vehicle in summer and winter, and the performance coefficients of heating and cooling have been improved accordingly.

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