Thermal energy storage potential in supermarkets.

Potencial de almacenamiento de energía térmica en supermercados.


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The objective of this research is to evaluate the potential of thermal energy storage in supermarkets with CO2 refrigeration systems. Suitable energy storage techniques are investigated and the seasonal storage technology of boreholes is chosen to be the focus of the study. The calculations are done for four supermarket refrigeration systems with different combinations of heating systems. The two heating systems analyzed are the ground source heat pump and the heat recovery from the supermarket’s refrigeration system. The simulation results show that the introduction of thermal energy storage in the scenarios with ground source heat pump can reduce the annual total energy by about 6%. Moreover, it is established that a supermarket system with heat recovery consumes 8% less energy than the one using ground source heat pump.

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  • Original title: Potencial de almacenamiento de energía térmica en supermercados.
  • Record ID : 30014386
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Source: Frío Calor Aire acondicionado - vol. 43 - n. 477
  • Publication date: 2015/02


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