Thermodynamic properties of refrigerants with carbon nanotubes additives.

[In Ukrainian. / En ukrainien.]

Author(s) : NIKITIN D. N.

Type of article: Article


The nanoparticle adding t? refrigerants change their thermodynamic properties such as dislocation ?f critical point, gas - liquid equilibria shift ?t alias. Algorithm ?f refrigerant thermodynamic property calculations based ?n the NIST equation ?f state at different carb?n nanotube concentrations is proposed. Thermodynamic properties ?f carbon dioxide in the CNT presence ??? given.


  • Original title: [In Ukrainian. / En ukrainien.]
  • Record ID : 30008249
  • Languages: Ukrainian
  • Source: Holodil'na Tehnika i TehnologiĆ¢ - n. 4
  • Publication date: 2012


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