Towards cooling or heating: was Milankovic wrong?

Author(s) : MESAROVIC M.


Just when in Belgrade, in the South of Europe, the 40th jubilee International Congress HVAC&R ends, in Copenhagen, in its North, begins the 15th UN International Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, which is expected to direct the world how, when the Kyoto Protocol is over, to continue to save the Planet from global warming, which potentially leads to an irreversible change of climate and thus threatens the survival on it. The fact that the expected long-term temperature changes on Earth are only with positive gradient, brings a dilemma regarding whether the creator of the Theory of ice ages, the Serbian genius Milutin Milankoviae, born 130 years ago and who died 51 years ago, was wrong. This paper deals with clarifications of this dilemma and with issues of the HVAC&R community in that connection.

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  • Original title: Towards cooling or heating: was Milankovic wrong?
  • Record ID : 2010-0304
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Environment, General information
  • Source: Zbornik radova. 40. Medunarodni kongres o grejanju, hladenju i klimatizaciji./ Proceedings. 40th International congress on HVAC&R.
  • Publication date: 2009/12/02


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