Trigeneration. Conference proceedings.

La trigénération. Recueil des conférences.

Date: 1900.01.01


These are the proceedings of the 7 lectures delivered at this conference organised by IFFI and AFF, held on November 10, 1999, in Paris. Extract from the table of abstracts: absorption refrigeration machines for efficient trigeneration: the manufacturer's point of view; trigeneration studies for the service sector; trigeneration in industrial processes; trigeneration and cost. Examples of trigeneration plants (the district energy network in Lisbon, Portugal, and the Michelin Cholet plant in France) are also given. Some of the papers will be abstracted in a future issue of the IIR Bulletin.


  • Original title: La trigénération. Recueil des conférences.
  • Organiser : AFF, IFFI
  • Record ID : 2000-3241
  • Languages: French
  • Number of articles: 8
  • Publication: Aff (association française du froid) - France/France
  • Source: Source: 132 p. (17 x 24); fig.; phot.; tabl.; FRF 175 + postage.
  • Conference type: Other conference (non-IIR)
  • Notes:

    AFF-IFFI, Conf. Trigénér., Paris

  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.


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