Ultra High performance heat pump by using water-sorbing heat exchangers.

Number: D-SY-1145

Author(s) : WANG R., TU Y., GE T.


This research introduces an integrated heat exchanger with desiccant coating, named as water-sorbing heat exchanger (WSHE). When it is used as evaporator, air is cooled down by evaporation of refrigerant meanwhile dehumidified by the desiccant, the evaporation temperature could thus be controlled at about 15 oC. When it is used as a condenser, the desiccant could be regenerated by condensing heat, heat transfer in condenser will be enhanced significantly due to this desorption process, thereby the condensing temperature is reduced to 40-45 oC. By using a switch valve, refrigerant flow could be changed, thus the function of evaporator and condenser could be changed. The air flow could be also switched to fulfill the function of cooling-dehumidification or heating-humidification for space. Thus desiccant dehumidification will be fully undertaken by waste heat-condensing heat partly, the 40% cooling load will be handled as free. The remaining 60% sensible cooling load will be handled by high temperature evaporation. The desiccant is the key for this air handling unit, which should be regenerated with 30 oC temperature difference. A packaged desiccant DX heat pump (DDX HP) by replacing ordinary fin-tube coils with WSHE, which could distinctly and simultaneously treat the sensible heat load and latent heat load. Experimental results showed that its thermodynamic COP was as high as 7.14 under the summer conditions per IOS 5151:1994, while its system COP is 6.2.


  • Original title: Ultra High performance heat pump by using water-sorbing heat exchangers.
  • Record ID : 30023240
  • Languages: English
  • Source: International sorption heat pump conference, ISHPC 2017, Tokyo august 7-10.
  • Publication date: 2017/08/07


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