An article from the IJR on the state of the art of CO2

An article published by NTNU and SINTEF in the International Journal of Refrigeration summarises several researches on current and future "CO2 only" solutions for supermarket applications.

NTNU and SINTEF published an interesting article on the State-of-the art « CO2 only » solutions for supermarket applications1. This article summarises and gathers several researches on the current status of this technology and its perspectives or the future. All the current and potential CO2 applications in supermarkets have been described with their potential energy efficiencies and savings. In its conclusion, the article highlighted that further improvements could be achievable if the remaining non-technological barriers are overcome.

1 GULLO P., HAFNER A., BANASIAK K. Transcritical R744 refrigeration systems for supermarket applications: Current status and future perspectives. International Journal of Refrigeration. 2018, vol. 93, pp. 269-310. Available in Fridoc.